The True You


There have been many times in my life, actually majority of my life, in which I have allowed others to dictate what goes on in my mind, heart and body. It wasn’t until I was separated, that I decided to create a new version of myself.

I dug deep into my heart and really laid out the things that I believe in. That I love. Who I was and who I was to become. It is a long and somewhat grueling process because you’re digging that deep. Going far into your heart where your secrets are laid out only for you to see.

I am definitely not done in the process. I’m sure another version will be created as time goes by.

I truly believe it is important that we continually work on ourselves. It is only then, that we can have empathy and love for those who do us wrong. Because we all need grace.

So take that time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty. The world needs the TRUE YOU.

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